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Tormek T-8 TBH801 Hand Tool Sharpening System Kit With HTK-706 Hand Tool Kit

Condition: New
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Product Description

Tormek TBH801 Hand Tool Sharpening System Kit

The most complete edition of the finest wet stone sharpening system available, the Tormek T-8 is rated for continuous use and has a vast array of specialty jigs available so you can quickly and easily sharpen virtually any tool in your house along with the HTK-706 kit that contains the jigs for sharpening your knives, scissors, draw knives and axes as well as short chisel and carving tools. On the new T-8 model, Tormek has integrated the previous mounted sleeves for the Universal Support into the fully cast housing, guaranteeing minimal play for the Universal Support, an innovation which improves the control of the sharpening and increases the accuracy of the final results. With the Tormek Original Grindstone, the user can sharpen all qualities of steel, including High Speed Steel (HSS). The Advanced Water Trough has been further improved with a screw lift for an easier fitting and a magnetic scraper for efficient cleaning.


Square Edge Jig SE-77

Truing Tool TT-50  
Stone Grader SP-650
AngleMaster WM-200
Honing Compound PA-70
Tormek DVD
Handbook HB-10E 
Hand Tool Kit HTK-706


Knife Jig SVM-45
Long Knife Jig SVM-140
Scissors Jig SVX-150
Short Tool Jig SVS-38
Axe Jig SVA-170
Small Knife Holder SVM-00


The Tormek T-8 is one of the finest wet stone sharpening water cooled systems available. This sharpening system with the kit containing six jigs for sharpening is a great way to get started as a successful tool sharpener. 

MPN: T-8

UPC Number: 814000014000