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  • Saw Trax YSD yel_Low Safety Dolly, Standard with 6 Posts
  • Saw Trax YSD yel_Low Safety Dolly, Standard with 6 Posts
  • Saw Trax YSD yel_Low Safety Dolly, Standard with 6 Posts

Saw Trax YSD yel_Low Safety Dolly, Standard with 6 Posts

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Product Description

Saw Trax YSD yel_Low Safety Dolly, Standard with 6 Posts

Custom Built To Order!  Takes approximately 14 Business Days To Ship.

Get 3 to 4 times the productivity from your people. Move items faster, easier, safer, with less product damage with the yel-Low Safety dolly.

The yel-Low Safety Dolly is a truly innovative and “indestructible dolly” for the any industry. It can carry mattresses, large flat screen TV's, bulk items like kayaks or Ping Pong tables, headboards, desks, sofas, chairs and most items up to 1000 lbs. With a powder coated uni-body steel box, the yel-Low dolly sits 1/4″ lower than a 3-inch floor dolly and an inch lower than a 4-inch dolly. It's about the height of a pallet. The low loading height allows one person to tilt an object to load it instead of lifting an object onto the dolly. The tilt vs. lifting allows one person to load and go instead of two person loading or 4 person carrying. What makes this a truly innovative moving device is the post system that allows the dolly to be reconfigured for any job at hand.

Easier, Faster, Safer.

What is the value of doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the productivity of your employees?  Can you afford to pay 4 men to do a one man job?  One man can remove 2 mattresses from a hotel room in 90 seconds with the yel-Low Safety Dolly.  It is easier because it is lower than a normal floor dolly. One man tilts to load and uses posts to maneuver the dolly under items instead of two men lifting items onto the dolly. It is faster because you can make less trips by carrying more per load. It is safer because you tilt instead of lift. (Reduces back injuries.) Items can be braced by posts so they don’t fall off causing damage to the product or injuring the user.  The dolly is designed to not fall over if mis-loaded. Instead of falling over, it just tilts and rests on it’s bottom side.  This makes it much safer than any flat cart or hand truck.

The background for this product came from the furniture and rental industries who were testing the Dolly Max.  They needed something lower to the ground for easier loading and all casters so they could maneuver larger items more easily.  The yel-Low Safety dolly is actually lower than a floor dolly by over an inch.  This is because on the standard floor dolly, the 4″ casters are attached to 2 pieces of wood creating a square.  On the Safety Dolly, the wheels are attached to the bottom of the decking of a 12 gauge steel powder coated box.  This box is made of one piece of steel, (Uni-body) that is folded down at the sides and folded in on the bottom.  The side corners and bottom corners are welded together creating an extremely strong and rigid box.

The “Hat” brackets used to hold the posts vertically, are attached from the outside of the box.  This way, the bracket is much stronger. The steel of the bracket would need to rip for the bracket to fail.  This is much stronger than bolting the bracket from the inside where the bolt could break making the bracket fail.

The American made 56″ steel posts are 16 gauge and are powder coated locally. Longer, 62.5″ posts are available for greater carrying capacity and is recommended when double stacking king size box springs or queen box springs.

The 4″ iron casters with poly treads are attached to the bottom of the decking of the dolly.  A special bracket allows the caster to be attached to the corners of the dolly giving it a higher ground clearance to be used outside. With the “Hi-Low” upgrade, locking casters are provided to allow the dolly to be stationary on a slope.

The sides of the dolly are slotted to allow tie down straps including “E” strap.  Using a strap, five 65″ TVs can be loaded/moved at one time instead of 3.  In this configuration, 2 posts are used horizontally and 4 used vertically with the strap holding the 2 extra TVs on the horizontal posts.



Product Videos

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http://www.sawtrax.com/. A revolutionary cart for the furniture industry the yel-Low dolly by Saw Trax has a zero turn radius, powder coated steel construction, re-configurable post system, and a weight capacity of 1200lbs!

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