Saw Trax FS100SM 100 In Cross Cut Full Size Sign Maker's Series Vertical Panel Saw

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Saw Trax FS100SM 88 In Cross Cut Full Size Sign Maker's Series Vertical Panel Saw 

Custom Built To Order!  Takes approximately 14 Business Days To Ship.

Today's sign shops have needs that are unique to their industry such as restricted floor space, exceptional dust sensitivity and cut a wide variety of substrates and composite materials of different thicknesses. They use cutting edge materials to stand up to the different environments where their work will be displayed. In the past, you needed two cutters, a panel saw for your rigid material and a substrate cutter for your softer material. This arrangement was expensive and took up twice the floor space.

Some shops settled for just a substrate cutter. They were limited to what material they can cut, the size blank they could cut, how thick the material they could use and had to settle for only vertical cuts.

With the Sign Maker Panel Saw and Substrate cutter, sign shops now have one machine for all of their cutting needs; you no longer need to buy a panel saw AND a mat-cutter. It is equipped with specialty accessories for cutting all of the substrates, hard and soft, used in the sign industry in both directions, vertically and horizontally. This "all-cutting" substrate cutter is ideal for making precision cuts in sheet goods that are up to 1¾ inches thick.

Determine the Right Panel Saw

Standard Equipment: 

Powder coated frame
Zinc guide tubes
Accu-Glide sealed bearing system
Standard Carriage System
Retraction Mechanism
Cord Holder
Material Center Support Step

Sign Maker's Series Standard Equipment:

10 Foot Wide
Makita 5007F saw
Spinning saw insert plate
Dust hood, hose, brush
Folding Stand
Frame Wheels
Dual Rip Gauge
Stop, Bar and Tapes
Spring hold down
Pivoting Knife Cutter

Vertical Panel Saws for Woodworking

Saw Trax Manufacturing has been focused on making a sign saw for the sign industry for decades. You may be familiar with the Coro-Claw 4 mil corrugate flute cutter, The Coro X 10 mil flute cutter and the Biddi Safety knife.

Our Sign Saw and Substrate cutter is the perfect cutting tool for every shop. It is the cleanest cutting panel saw with a dust collection that not only collects the dust, but sweeps the cut on the up stroke. It uses a dust free pivoting knife that cross and rip cuts acrylics, Foam Board, Corrugated Plastics, and score cuts PVC.

The saw can cut solid aluminum up to 3/8″, aluminum composites, wood composites, acrylics up to 5/8″ and other rigid materials used in the sign industry.

The pivoting OLFA knife can cut 4 mil coro plastic sheets (up to 2 at a time), 10 mil coro plastic sheets, foam boards, composite paper boards and can score cut PVC and Dry Wall.

Shipment Receipt Guidelines:

All Saw Trax machines are crated in order to prevent damage. However, you are asked to fully inspect the machine before signing the shipment release form. All customers are encouraged to always write, “SUBJECT TO INSPECTION” directly on the bill of lading. Adding this statement protects Saw Trax, our company and the customer’s interests. If there is any visible damage to the packaging or machine, it must be fully documented on the bill of lading, images should be taken showing the extent of the damage. Contact us immediately to report a damaged shipment. Saw Trax Mfg., Inc. reserves the right to refuse to file claims against machines that are accepted without these guidelines being followed.