MultiQuip MVH408GH Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactor 12,365 lbs CF Honda GX390 20 in Wide Plate

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MultiQuip MVH408GH Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactor 12,365 lbs CF Honda GX390 20 in wide Plate

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Multiquip’s Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactors are the ideal high-production machines for efficient compaction of sand, gravel and cohesive soils.


Unit Specifications
Centrifugal Force: 12365 lbf, 55 kN
Exciter Speed: 4400 VPM
Size: 20 x 35 in, 500 x 900 mm
Plate Size with Extensions: 26 x 35 in, 650 x 900 mm
Max Forward Speed Per Min.: 82 ft, 25 m

Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length: 62 in, 1570 mm
Overall Width: 26 in, 650 mm
Overall Height: 48 in, 1210 mm
Operating Weight: 836 lb, 379 kg


• Reliable Honda GX390 engine
• Fold-out front and rear covers for easy access to all maintenance points
• Hour/Tachometer to measure machine hour usage and engine RPM
• Cyclonic pre-cleaner to capture most airborne contaminants for engine protection and extended service life
• Heavy duty shock mounts to withstand harsh operating environment while reducing vibration to the operator and helping to extend component life
• Hydraulic controls enables operator to easily switch direction from forward to reverse while also allowing for spot compaction
• Rugged base plate manufactured from high strength steel for top performance and featuring open design for easy cleanup
• Steel frame protective guard with fully integrated cage protects the engine from loose debris or dirt while serving as a lifting bar for easy portability
• Low profile base plate lowers the center of gravity dramatically improving travel speed
• Extension plates can be added or removed to operating working width up to 6 inches


UPC Number: MVH408GH