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  • Malco N2R Redline Hand Notcher

Malco N2R Redline Hand Notcher

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Product Description

Malco N2R Redline Hand Notcher

Company Info:

Malco Products delivers a unique line of hand tools designed specifically for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) industry. Designing Innovative Hand Notchers is just one of many HVAC products that we deliver. Malco is a market pioneer in HVAC tools and continues to develop innovative new specialty hand tools for real work-saving opportunities.


UPC Code: 686046526096
Catalog # N2R
Description: One Inch Hand Notchers
Net Weight oz. (g): 17 (482)
Jaws: Alloy Steel Forging w/Carbon Steel Shell Variable Leverage Ratio
High/Low Throughout Stroke: 7.4 to 1.0 8.0 to 1.0 Capacities--Inches (mm)
Aluminum: .035 (0.89)
Copper: .023 (0.58)
Stainless Steel (26 Gauge): .018 (0.46)
Galv Steel (24 Gauge): .028 (0.71)
Mild Steel (22 Gauge): .030 (0.76)


• The N2 Notcher punches a big 1 inch (25.4 mm) deep "V" notch in common 24 to 30 (0.71-0.41 mm) gauge galvanized sheet metal quickly and easily.
• A narrower handle opening provides additional user comfort while still allowing a full throat opening.
• Folding and fabricating metal ductwork is easier than ever with the full 1 inch clearance that the N2 single operation notcher provides.


UPC Number: N2R