Maksiwa CBC/2.MR Cabinet Edgebander With Dual Glue Pot

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Maksiwa CBC/2.MR Cabinet Edgebander With Dual Glue Pot

Loaded with an extension table and 2 interchangeable glue pots, Maksiwa's CBC/2.MR Cabinet Edgebander works with the most commonly used edgetape materials such as PVC, ABS, Paper and Wood.


Glue: Granulated Hot-Melt
Glue Temperature: 130° to 180° C
Motor: 1 Phase
Volts Amps: 110V - Power: 1,500 W
Tape thickness: 0.3 mm – 2 mm
Max. tape width: 3”/ 2-3/4”
Feeder speed: 0 to 8 m/min
Weight: 242.5 Lbs
Dimensions: 100” / W:


  • Work Area: Whenever opened the extension tables will give you 3x the regular work area of the machine
  • Dual Glue Pot: The double glue pot is activated by sensors, that means that the machine will automatically detect the glue pot that is in working position