Maasdam 144SB-6 Pow'R-Pull 2 Ton Capacity Cable Puller (Come A Long)

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Maasdam 144SB-6 Pow'R-Pull 2 Ton Capacity Cable Puller (Come A Long)

Some suggested applications are hoisting motors, shafts and gears, lifting construction material, erecting buildings and towers, moving heavy equipment, placing and installing machinery, demolishing building structures, lifting automobile engines, stretching fence and wire, lifting electrical fixtures, squaring wood/metal framing, tightening conveyor belts, straightening collision damage, opening railroad car doors & securing tent structures


Capacity: 2 Ton Maximum Lift: 6'
Cable Diameter: 3/16"
Leverage: 30:1


Precision-cast Aluminum Alloy Ratchet Wheel one piece construction
Galvanized, Aircraft Quality
Cable Interlocking, Precision Fit, Steel Alloy Pawls with Safety Spacer Sleeve
Cold Rolled, High Strength, Tempered Steel Frame and Handle Drop-Forged Steel Slip Hooks with OSHA Recommended Safety Latches
Heavy Gauge Steel, Reinforced Ratchet Guard
Aircraft-type, Heat Treated Bolts
High Tensile, Fully Rotating Steel Swivel
Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip

MPN: 144SB-6

UPC Number: 144sb-6

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