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Lowe-Scheren 3304 JB6610 Shoe Molding Miter Cutter

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Product Description

Lowe-Scheren 3304 JB6610 Shoe Molding Miter Cutter

New improved, and larger version of the popular 3104 Mitre cutter

Company Info:

Originally designed for large moldings, the Lowe-Scheren 3304 Miter Cutters is an essential tool which will cut slats, profiles, plastic, rubber or wooden materials.  The 3304 has a built-in fence which allows you to cut miter joints quickly, easily, and accurately.  It is an anvil style cutter with stop face and particularly long blades.  With an unbreakable razor sharp blade, you can cut across the grain with clean, smoothe action and it is ans easy to use as a pair of scissors.  With degree markings on the anvil itself, it will handle think and wide stock.  Profiles and seals are made from high quality plastic, rubber or wood.  The 3304 is indispensable for professionals including carpenters, carpet installers, builders, craftsmen, and hobbyists, not to mention equally and ideally suited for use in unlimited other ideas and trades.



• The LÖWE JB6610 miter cutter offers two stop faces at 45° and marks for 15°, 30° and 90°
• A must where strips and profiles of plastic, rubber or wood are cut for mitering
• All parts separately available and easy to replace

MPN: JB6610

UPC Number: JB6610