Jowat J28860-10 Jowatherm EVA Hot Melt Adhesive 10 pounds-Natural

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Jowat J28860-10 Jowatherm EVA Hot Melt Adhesive - 10 pounds

10 pound container of EVA Hot Melt edge banding adhesive. 

For bonding edgebands  of HPL/CPL, polyester, resinated paper, solid wood, and veneer. The special properties of the edgebands and the reverse primer application have to be tested before use (especially if thermoplastic edgebands are to be bonded). Can be used for straight edge applications, pre-coating and soft forming.

This glue material has a long open time, high hot tack, good adhesion and good heat resistance. It has outstanding resistance to oxidation and color stability in the melt. 

Application Temp:  180-200 Celsius  (356-392 Fahrenheit)
Feed Speed:  10-60 m/min  (32-196 ft/min)

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