Festool 495209 197 Inch Semi-Transparent Replacement Splinter Guard

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Festool 495209 197" Semi-Transparent Replacement Splinter Guard

Festool FS Guide Rails are available in eight different lengths from 32 inches to 197 inches (800 - 5000 mm), providing the right length for straight, splinter free cutting in just about any application. The integrated splinterguard is a critical guide rail system component, and after some time and heavy use, will need to be replaced. Replace your splinterguard as needed to ensure perfect alignment of your guide rail to the cut line, and to protect against tear out, on cuts both with the grain and across. Though you should expect many cuts from your original splinterguard, its life expectancy is heavily dependent on your application. Keep your cuts perfectly splinter free by periodically replacing your splinterguard, especially if you are switching between blades, or using the guide rail with more than one saw. Clear splinterguard enhances visibility of cut line.

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Festool Tools and Accessories are manufactured to the highest quality of standards and are preferred by woodworking consumers and professionals because of their precision and experience. Festool tools deliver a quality unmatched by the competition. Festool designs tools that change the way people work; saving steps, improving quality and enhancing safety.


Includes one 197in (5000mm) Clear Splinterguard
Length: 197 Inches


• Clear splinterguard enhances visibility of cut line
• A fresh splinterguard can be matched perfectly to the saw blade, providing precise alignment to your cut line, saving valuable set up time
• A fresh splinterguard is the best protection against tear out, for cuts both with the grain and across
• Change your splinterguard if you are switching between different kerfed blades or different saws, ensuring a precise match

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