Festool 493507 Gecko Suction Handle Set

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Festool 493507 Gecko Suction Handle Set

Used to lift, carry and position big and awkward loads like panels, furniture, glass sheets, metal sheets, etc. The Gecko can be attached to all smooth, closed-porous materials without clamping.


  • Weight: approx. 2 lbs. 
  • Load-carrying capacity: approx. 110 lbs in vertical position; approx. 150 lbs in horizontal position 
  • Suction-cup diameter: approx. 5"Â?


  • The Gecko has a sturdy handle, 2 securing levers, a sliding ring underneath the cup which prevents the cup from sticking to the material resulting in easy removal of the cup 
  • The set version comes with an adaptor to connect the Gecko to the guide rail for easily attaching to surfaces when the guide rail can't be clamped 
  • Large, awkward loads can be handled easily which saves you time and protects your health 
  • Guide rails can be attached to materials without clamping in spots where a clamp doesn't work for easier use of the guide rail and all the tools which saves time and money 
  • Sliding ring prevents the cup from sticking to the material after release which saves your workpiece. 
  • Sturdy construction and high quality materials equal long product life-time whihc saves on replacement costs.

MPN: 493507

UPC Number: 4014549052419