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  • FastCap 80544 My Grip Yellow
  • FastCap 80544 My Grip Yellow
  • FastCap 80544 My Grip Yellow
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FastCap 80544 My Grip Yellow

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Product Description

FastCap 80544 My Grip Yellow
My Grip customizes the impression of your hand on any tool. It also increases shock absorption and dramatically reduces wrist and hand fatigue. The material can be heated up in 200 deg. water for 1 minute until pliable, patted dry and then molded around any tool with the grip of your hand. It can be cut off and remolded over and over again. Great for: Power Tools Impact Guns Jack Hammers DA Sanders Mauls Rakes Hockey Sticks Golf Clubs Canes Anything!

Company Info:

FastCap Tools delivers quality woodworking products and tools to accommodate the professional cabinet maker and woodworker.FastCap Tools strive to offer practical and quality tools to the woodworking professional.


The Perfect Grip customized to your hand
Use it over and over again
Great for any tool
Great for Baseball bats
Great for . . . Drills, Hammers, Impact guns, DA sanders, Mauls, Jack hammers, Chainsaws, Handsaws, Hedge trimmers, Axes / Hatchets, Weedwhackers, Shovels / Hoes, 5 gallon buckets, Propane tanks, Knives, Machetes, Fishing nets, Wheelbarrows, Canes / Walkers, Compound bows, Ski poles, Baseball bats


• Get a grip with the FastCap My Grip, the first do-it-yourself custom gripping pad
• With My Grip you can create an exact impression of your hand on just about anything, whether it's a rake, drill, bucket, golf club, or cane
• You'll get ultimate comfort, increased shock absorption, increased safety, and reduced wrist and hand fatigue
• All it takes is a brief hot-water soak and My Grip is ready to go
• This handy grip pad will stick to anything and can be peeled off and molded over and over again
• At a Glance: Do-it-yourself custom grip pad Reduces vibration and fatigue
• Quick hot-water preparation
• Sticks to virtually any tool
• Can be remolded again and again
• Get the Perfect Grip
• Imagine what it would be like if your hammer, baseball bat, or lawnmower was perfectly molded to fit your hand. With the FastCap My Grip, you don't have to imagine any longer
• This customizable 5x5-inch grip will make any tool or piece of sporting equipment feel as if it were designed just for you
• Countless Jobsite, Sporting, and Around-the-House Applications
• With thousands of applications, you'll be sure to find plenty of ways to use My Grip
• Many construction workers find My Grip indispensable for comfortable, all-day-long use of sanders, jack hammers, impact guns, and more
• Scores of athletes, including baseball major leaguers, use My Grip to ensure they get the perfect grip every time they pick up a bat, hockey stick, golf club, or other piece of sporting equipment
• My Grip is also perfect for all kinds of around-the-house items--everything from walkers to garden hoes to treadmills and bicycles
• Increases Control and Reduces Fatigue
• When you're using a tool all day long, remaining comfortable is essential
• Made from a high-tech synthetic material that absorbs shock, so you'll get reduced vibration and increased control when you affix it to your tool
• Because it creates a comfortable customized grip, My Grip will help you work harder, longer, and with fewer mistakes

MPN: My Grip

UPC Number: 663807805447

Product Videos

My Grip Molds 03:59

FastCap Team members discuss using My Grip in varied settings.For more information about this product visit our website: http://www.fastcap.com/estore/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=9871&idcategory=0

  • My Grip Molds
    FastCap Team members discuss using My Grip in varied settings....