FastCap 3H Hand HD 5 3rd Hand Support Pole

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FastCap 3H Hand HD 5 3rd Hand Support Pole

The Fast Cap 3rd Hand HD is the help you have been looking for. If you ever wished you had an extra hand . . . here it is. The 3rd Hand HD and Little Hand HD provide support, brace, or clamp for whenever you might need an extra hand Need an extra hand Versatile tool provides support, bracing and clamping assistance for cabinet installation, window coverings, crown moldings, countertop backsplashes and plastic dust barriers. 3rd Hand is also helpful for installing drywall, ceiling paneling and light fixtures.

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60in. long
Working range of 5 ft 12 ft.
Textured rubber pads with articulating heads for gripping most surfaces
Ball-detent locks on main pole, secondary pole interface
Custom clip for holding plastic sheeting for dust barrier
Supports up to 70 lbs.


Trim and crown molding: Use the 3rd Hand HD to secure your trim or crown molding in place while you nail it in place in another location
Flooring: Glue down flooring, apply pressure to the flooring material while it dries
Hold the drywall in place overhead while you secure it
Load stabilizer:
Mount the 3rd Hand HD in place horizontally to prevent material from shifting in transport

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UPC Number: 663807980007