Digitool Solutions DW-2503 1/2 In Electronic Torque Wrench

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Digitool Solutions DW-2503 1/2 in Electronic Torque Wrench

Switch between English and Metric measuring units with the click of a button. No more grabbing for a separate tool or referring to conversion tables when changing between a domestic or foreign threaded application. The DW series of electronic torque wrenches from Digitool Solutions establish a new standard in threaded fastener installation tools. They feature the latest state-of-the-art Patented sensing and micro-controller technology, designed and built for professional industries.









DW-2501 1/4 in 12.5 - 250 1 - 20.7 1.3 - 28 12 in
DW-1002 3/8 in 60 - 1200 5 - 100 6.78 - 135 18 in
DW-2503 1/2 in 150 - 3000 12.5 - 250 17.0 - 340 25.75 in
DW-6004 3/4 in 360 - 7200 30 - 600 40.7 - 800 48 in




An intuitive user interface uses a high-contrast LCD display to show torque preset values, display modes, and measuring units. Available measuring units are "ft-lb", "in-lb" and "Nm". Real-time digital readout (auto track mode) emulates the precision of a dial type torque wrench. The torque preset function emulates the familiar click-type torque wrenches by producing a handle vibration, visual indicator and an audible alert at torque preset attainment. Tri-colored LEDs provide real-time early-warning and over torque alert. The display also captures peak torque readings in tightening or loosening directions, generally CW to identify maximum torque installations and CW or CCW break-away torque for quality audits of preinstalled fasteners.

The most advanced torque wrenches on the market, the DW series feature ±1% accuracy of torque reading between 10% and 100% of full scale in both CW and CCW directions. These tolerances exceed the ASME B107.28 Standard. The wrenches are usable down to 5% of full scale at ±3% of reading precision. The integral 36-tooth ratchet drive provides strength as well as versatility in use. Four wrench sizes are available, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, and 3/4" square drive ratchet heads, covering 12.5 "in-lb" to 600 "ft-lb" and 1.3 to 800 "Nm" torque capacity.

The wrenches are powered by two easily replaceable AA Alkaline cells. These batteries provide up to 500 hours of continuous operation. All DW series torque wrenches comply with ASME B107.28-2005 (Type 1) and ISO-6789- 2003 Standards. Factory calibration is performed using certified bars and weights that are traceable N.I.S.T. Actual torque readings and individual instrument serial numbers are included on the calibration certificate.


MPN: DW-2503