DeWalt DWA2240IR 3 Piece Cleanable Impact Ready Nut Driver Set

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DeWalt DWA2240IR 3 Piece Cleanable Impact Ready Nut Driver Set

Cleanable Nut Drivers which are engineered to provide optimal fit for standard and high hat hex head fasteners commonly used in high-torque industrial applications. This DEWALT exclusive eliminates issues with clogged magnetized nut drivers, a common frustration among users who tackle metal-to-metal fastening applications, including framers, window glaziers, HVAC and mechanical professionals.

 In our jobsite research one of the challenges professionals revealed about working with metal is that it produces a great deal of shavings, making it difficult to engage the magnetic fastener inside the nut driver.

 Because traditional nut drivers are difficult to clean, fasteners generally do not fully seat when engaged. The cleanable feature of the IMPACT READY® Cleanable Nut Drivers provides optimal fit resulting in a strong magnetic hold, even when using long fasteners in odd angle applications. In addition to offering efficiency, reducing downtime compared to cleaning traditional nut drivers, and preventing fastener fall out, the new Cleanable Nutsetters’ 1/4-inch hex shank offers the durability professionals need to withstand high torque levels when tackling heavy-duty jobs.

DEWALT IMPACT READY® Cleanable Nut Drivers allow users to remove unwanted build-up by pushing up the holder to expose and remove the metal shavings in seconds. The fastener fully secures material the first time.


• Product designed for use in Impact Drivers and Wrenches
• Recessed corners that drives on flats which minimizes shavings
• Industrial strength magnet maximizes fastener retention


UPC Number:  0885911276863