Dagger Tools SLP1 Gentle Curve Faced Slapper

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Dagger Tools SLP1 Gentle Curve Faced Slapper


• Slappers are one of the most versatile tools used in metal shaping
• A roughing tool primarily, aid in putting crown shape in larger panels by naturally stretching the panel as you concentrate the large face of the slapper on the sheet in conjunction with a shot bag
• Unlike mallets and hammers the large face of the slapper does not leave the denting and surface roughness that a hammer face would
• By adding more curve to a flat-faced slapper you not can added more 3-dimensonial shapes or complex form to your panel
• A real plus of the slapper is the edge shaping feature that the larger slapper face provides when you want to create cowling edge radius’s or transfer shape from T-Dollies, handle & jumbo dollies, to your panel form
• The raking motion of the slapper face over the forming piece allows your sheet to be accurately formed with virtually no surface deformation
• Our slappers are made from grade “A” select Midwestern grown hard maple for toughness, stiffness and durability
• With a ergonomic design grip area, positioning the hand and wrist in a neutral and natural condition
• Finished with protective oil that resists staining and moisture penetration
• Four (4) different shapes gentle, medium and flat and radius face
• Our new thinner cross section of 2 ¼” allow working a tighter radius and more confined areas
• Each slapper comes with leather face cover to eliminate marring of the metal


UPC Number: SLP1