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  • Cyclone PT100SK Pressure Pot Conversion Kit

Cyclone PT100SK Pressure Pot Conversion Kit

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Product Description

Cyclone BT20 Small Sandblasting Cabinet

Convert an existing cabinet to pressure power!

Do you already have a gravity fed abrasive sandblasting cabinet but it is not powerful enough?  Sometimes the only answer to a tough abrasive blast situation is a pressure blast option.  A Cyclone PT-100 SK (Side Kick) pressure sandblaster is an easy way to bring any abrasive blasting cabinet into the direct pressure world .  We include a 10′ length of sandblasting hose that gives you more reach and fewer moves.  Our pressure tanks are ASME certified.  We include all the necessary components to connect this unit to an abrasive media or bead blast cabinet.

Portable Sandblaster?
While the PT 100SK is not intended to be portable, it still comes with easy to roll solid rubber wheels.  This does make positioning the unit within your work environment very easy.  A long sandblast hose is also included so that you can put the pressure tank near or far from the blasting cabinet.

Any sandblaster will require an air supply, so be careful when searching for a “portable sandblaster”.  We label ours portable because they are easy to roll and have a long hose.  You will still need to supply any portable unit with air.  Our PT-100 has a 100 US Pound media capacity, so you can put it in place and easily move it on solid rubber wheels.

Pressure vs. Gravity Blasters
Pressure blasting is vastly different from a gravity fed abrasive blaster.  A pressure pot is given a supply of air.  Then, when you are ready, the user is able to open a blasting valve.  After opening the valve, the powerful stream of abrasives hits the target.  Once in contact, the abrasives make quick work.  Higher pressure means higher velocity and faster cleaning, in most circumstances.

Flexible Abrasive Media Choices
This abrasive media blast cabinet can handle abrasives like white or brown aluminum oxide, glass beads, silicon carbide, or blasting garnet.  We supply a full catalog of abrasive media.  We do not recommend steel shot and under no circumstances should you ever use sand in an abrasive cabinet.  Read more here to learn about the dangers of using sand in an abrasive blasting cabinet.


Weight: 75 lbs
Construction: ASME Certified Steel Tank
Overall Dimensions: 29" Height
Diameter: 12"
Media Capacity: 100 US Pounds
Item Weight: 75 US Pounds
Sandblast System Air Requirements: 23 CFM @ 100 PSI
Sandblaster Operation: Foot Pedal
Hose Length: 10' 3/8" ID Blast Hose
Accessories Included: All necessary components to integrate with existing blasting cabinet


Pressure Power
Convert a siphon/gravity cabinet to a pressure sandblaster
This unit comes with the necessary hardware to adapt to an existing blasting cabinet
Less expensive than buying a NEW pressure sandblaster cabinet