Coilhose Pneumatics PUE14-20-T 1/4 In X 1/4 In NPT Flexcoil 20 Ft Reinforced Air Hose

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Coilhose PUE14-20-T 1/4" x 1/4"NPT Flexcoil 20' Reinforced Air Hose

FLEXCOIL is the finest polyurethane air hose on the market today and eliminates the two most common limitations of other self-storing air hoses: kinking and abrasion. This lightweight, yet extremely durable hose will withstand the rigors of tough industrial environments while maintaining its resiliency over a long period of time. Swivel fitting is provided with thread seal, eliminating the need for sealing tape or paste. FLEXCOIL is ideal for applications such as aerospace manufacturers, assembly stations, air rachets, auto repair, automotive assembly, boat building, car lube shops, car wash systems, impact wrenches, machine shops, mobile equipment, nailing and stapling, nut runners, robotics, textile plants, tire shops, vacuum pickup tools, water purification and water washdown systems.


• Toughest recoil hose available
• Outstanding coil memory
• Highly kink and abrasion resistant
• Straight tails provide built-in whip hose
• Resistant to most oils and fuels
• Available with swivel or rigid fittings
• For impact tool applications, we strongly recommend the use of a rigid fitting at the working (tool) end (longer pigtail) to assure a safer and more durable connection

MPN: PUE14-20-T

UPC Number: 029292910491