Coilhose Pneumatics PFX5050GS15XS 5/16 Inch x 50 Foot Flexeel Max Air Hose

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Coilhose PFX5050GS15XS 5/16" x 50' Flexeel Max Air Hose

Flexeel Max continues the tradition of the most lightweight, most durable, and most flexible reinforced polyurethane air hose available. Flexeel Max will still stay ultra-flixible down to temperatures as low as -40-Ü F and maintain durability up to 165-Ü F. Flexeel Max come to market with many additional features not found with Flexeel, and certainly more than with any other brand.


• Comes in a HI-VIZ Eel Green color making it easier to see, even in low-light conditions
• Comes with a higher pressure rating of 300 PSI. This higher pressure rating means even more strength and durability
• Includes the Eel Strap™ already assembled on the hose, making it easier to coil, store and carry after use
• Comes assembled complete with a field-repairable reusable fitting and a 1/4" Ball Swivel Coupler™, either in industrial or automotive interchange.This ball swivel increases maneuverability at the tool and improves ergonomics
• Comes assembled complete with a field-repairable reusable fitting and our new Air Safety Plug™, a connector which prevents dangerous "hose whip" by quickly bleeding off pressure from the hose in a controlled fashion, rather than in a dangerous sudden burst.


UPC Number: 029292532501