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  • CMEC DIGIF Digital Caliper 6 inch Fractional & Metric

CMEC DIGIF Digital Caliper 6 inch Fractional And Metric

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Product Description

CMEC Digital Caliper 6 inch Fractional & Metric

This 1/2 inch high LCD screen is easy to read with large, easy to read digits.


Fractional Resolution 1/64" - 0.0005"/0.01mm
LCD Display
Max Measuring Speed: 1.5 m/second, 60"/second
Measuring System: Linear Capacitive Measuring System
Measuring Range: 0-152 mm/0.6"
Resolution: 0.01 mm/0.0005"


• Extra Battery
• Custom Fit Storage Case


• Measures in both Fractions and decimals
• Extra large, easy to read digital LCD screen
• Accurate to 1/1000th of an inch
• Measures inside, outside and depth from 0" to 6"
• Metric conversion and zero buttons
• Titanium alloy Head
• Strong stainless steel frame
• Stepped end depth rod for measuring small holes up to 6" deep
• Fractional display measures 1/4 inch high and the whole numbers displaying a full 7/16 inch high (equivalent to 18 point & 32 point sized type)
• Touch a button to scroll fractions, decimals, or millimeters or to reset at zero at any point
• Stainless steel construction with high impact sensing head
• Divisions on the bar show in 1/16ths & mm
• Auto-shut off


UPC Number: 201-451