Baileigh BG-679 Belt Grinder

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Baileigh BG-679 Belt Grinder allows you to grind a large area in a short amount of time.

This machine’s wide 6” belt allows you to grind a large area in a short amount of time.

4 hp motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
Solid billet aluminum drive wheel for optimal strength.
Top cover opens up to provide a flat grinding position, ideally suited for castings.
The front idler wheel, made of aluminum wrapped in polyurethane, gives the best grind on the market.
Vacuum motor extracts and collects metal dust from machine before it escapes into your shop.
Folded and welded heavy steel frame reduces vibrations and increases accuracy.
Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
We built this machine to last for decades—and our knowledgeable team will provide lifetime technical support for as long as you’re using it.

Recommended for: Smoothing over burrs on metal, chamfering edges for welding, and cleaning up castings, among other uses.


Item Number BG-679
Contact Wheel Dia x Width 9.84" x 6"
* specifications subject to change without notice.