Arbortech MIN.FG.012 2 In Mini Grinder Industrial Woodcarver Blade

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Arbortech MIN.FG.012 2" Mini Grinder Industrial Woodcarver Blade

The Mini grinder is the most versatile woodcarving power tool that you'll ever own! The Mini grinder is so easy to use and lets you do everything from rough shaping to the finest details and even sanding. This tool's unique shape allow you excellent visibility and access to your work piece.


  • Tungsten carbide teeth
  • Can be resharpened using a fine diamond abrasive
  • Freehand Power Carving
  • Medium to fine shaping
  • Extremely safe
  • Extremely controllable
  • A large variety of 50mm blades available for versatility
  • Medium wood removal and detailed carving (burls, busts, woodturning, relief carving, sculpting, totem poles, carving soft stone, removing grout from tiles etc)



Application: For Medium Wood Removal and Detailed Carving
Blade Length: 2"
Blade Material: Carbide Tip
Cutting Depth: 3/8"
Kerf Size: 5/32"
Material: Carbide Tipped