AFF 859ASD 100 Ton Super Duty Shop Press Floor Press replaced 859SD

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AFF 859ASD 100 Ton Super Duty Shop Press Floor Press replaced 858SD

New And Improved!  The AFF 859ASD 100 Ton Super Duty Shop Press now incorporates a Heavy Duty Cable Winch System for raising and lowering the press bed, a newly engineered power unit to improve speed and overall performance as well as a redesigned lateral head adjuster for smooth easy movement of the press head from side to side. Featuring the new Polycarbonate design protector shield. The unit still comes with the press adapters, removable guard and combination V-block press plates.  You spoke - We listened.


  • Ram Stroke: 11.8”
  • Hydraulic system pressure: 9237 psi
  • Air Pressure: 110 to 120 psi
  • Overall Width: 55”
  • Overall Height:84”
  • Bed Depth: 13.5”
  • Bed Width: 31”
  • Throat Depth: 9”
  • Throat Width: 16.5”
  • Bed Positions: 7
  • Hole Distance (ctr to ctr): 5.5”
  • Net Weight: 1476 lbs.


  • Featuring the new Polycarbonate design protector shield
  • Comes with an adjustable / removable pressing guard for added operator safety.
  • Includes large liquid filled gauge positioned so the operator can safely monitor pressing force being applied.
  • Included 10 piece bearing press adapter kit.
  • Pressing head moves side to side to accommodate off centered pressing requirements.
  • Includes 2 pc combination pinned V-block / press plate set.
  • Integral bed positioning raises and lowers the bed effortlessly using the ram.
  • Operated manually or by air motor assist with foot control.
  • Dual Air Motor operation for pressing and retraction speeds up pressing process.
  • Welded frame for added strength.
  • 7 Position bed height configuration adds greater flexibility.
  • Overload protection adds operator safety and prevents damage from over pressurizing.
  • Highpoint relief valve prevents ram from being overextended.
  • 4 Press bed pins incorporate a “butterfly” lock to keep press bed pins engaged for greater safety.
  • New Heavy Duty Crank Assembly
  • New High Efficiency Power Unit


UPC Number: 874015003727