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  • Vaughan BS333C Bear Saw with 13-Inch Coarse/Medium Blade

Vaughan BS333C Bear Saw with 13 Inch Coarse/Medium Blade

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Product Description

Vaughan BS333C Bear Saw with 13-Inch Coarse/Medium Blade

Pull Stroke Handsaw. Vaughn Bear saws are made to cut on the pull stroke rather than on the push stroke. The thin blade removes less material, making sawing easier, faster, and more accurate. Blade is made of durable spring steel and plated for rust resistance. Specially ground tri-edge teeth are impulse hardened to retain their sharpness. Blade can be removed for replacement or easy storage in tool box. Blade guard protects teeth when saw is stored.

Company Info:

Since 1869, the Vaughan family has been committed to producing hand tools that proudly state "Made in the USA". Innovation, ingenuity and manufacturing have long been the foundation and cornerstone for America's success. This success did not come easy but rather through hard work, perseverance and determination.


• These popular Japanese style saws are made to Vaughan's specifications and feature thin, spring-steel blades which are durable and rust resistant
• Specially ground and impulse hardened, their tri-edged teeth are razor sharp to cut cleanly and accurately
• With four easily replaceable blades that can be used with any handle, Vaughan Bear Saws can handle any task, from rough cuts to fine woodworking
• Saws have blade guards to protect teeth when not in use and can be quickly disassembled for convenient toolbox storage.


UPC Number: BS333C